2013 Detroit FMI Tech Day - Online Video Replay

Get a current view of industrial and CAE vendor adoption of the FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) standard for co-simulation, model exchange and, and model deployment.

These videos come from a full day event on November 6, 2013 in Ann Arbor, MI. 75 systems engineering experts gathered to learn about and discuss the current state and future developments of FMI.

Watch the full length videos below, and register here to be notified of our future webinar series:

Welcome and Intro
Jeff Waters
Vice President, Modelon, Inc

Length 03:49

Jeff opens the event with a brief welcome, agenda for the day, and motivation for bringing 10 vendors and 2 manufacturers together for an open FMI discussion.

Introduction to FMI Technology
Hubertus Tummescheit
CEO, Modelon, Inc

Length 23:07

Hubertus provides an FMI general background including uses, history, value proposition, and a look forward at FMI 2.0.  

FMI Model Deployment at Whirlpool
Jim Carow
Principal Engineer, Whirlpool Corporation

Length 14:06

Jim focuses on one of the primary end benefits of FMI, easy deployment of expert-built simulation models for use by the wider engineering community.

FMI within the Dassault Systemes 3D Experience
Eric Bolognini
Sr. Technical Specialist, Dassault Systemes

Length 19:24

Eric describes the systems engineering challenge facing manufacturers today and the role of FMI across the DS suite of tools in the context of a 3D Experience.

Faster Control Development with FMI and Modelica
Andreas Junghanns
Owner, QTronic GmbH

Length 16:47

Andreas discusses the power of FMI in controls development in the automotive industry. Andreas also shepherds the FMI cross-check activities of the Modelica Association and shares perspectives on the state of FMI vendor support.

Symbolic Techniques for Model Code Optimization
Paul Goossens
VP Engineering Solutions, Maplesoft

Length 16:01

Paul delivers an overview of Maplesoft's current FMI support and "in the loop" optimization capabilities.

FMI Product Implementation at MSC Software
Mike Collingridge
Director Product Development, MSC Software

Length 16:12

Mike discusses MSC Software's recent embrace of FMI in its long-standing multi-body dynamics tool, Adams. He also announces coming FMI support in Easy5.

FMI Implementation at National Instruments
Jeannie Falcon
Chief Engineer, Control and Simulation, National Instruments

Length 11:35

Jeannie details National Instruments growing interest in FMI for cleanly connecting hardware, LabVIEW, VeriStand, and other software tools.

Modelon FMI Tools and Applications
John Batteh
Group Manager, Engineering Services, Modelon, Inc

Length 17:46

John covers Modelon's commercial FMI add-ins for MATLAB, Excel, and CARMAKER. He also offers an overview of tools and services offered by Modelon to other CAE vendors wishing to implement FMI.

FMI Support in Imagine.Lab AMESim
Michael Sasena
Modelica Product Manager, LMS, A Siemens Business

Length 16:22

Mike describes AMESim's current and future support for FMI. He also conducts a live demonstration.

The FMQ Web Platform
Michael Tiller
Pesident, Xogeny Inc

Length 20:34

Mike focuses on the power of FMI for widespread deployment of vertical tools through cost effective web applications. His views on the cloud could radically increase the use (and benefit) of simulation throughout the organization.

Wolfram SystemModeler support for FMI
Johan Rhodin
Kernel Developer, Wolfram Research

Length 14:16

Johan discusses and demonstrates the FMI capabilities in Wolfram's Modelica-based SystemModeler environment. Johan also describes the connection between SystemModeler and the flagship Mathematica.

FMI Product Implementation at ANSYS
Sameer Kher
Manager Research and Development, ANSYS Inc

Length 16:12

Sameer confirms ANSYS interest in the FMI standard, discusses current ANSYS tools supporting FMI for embedded software, and looks to future development and participation in the FMI community.