FMIT Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink - Release Information


  • Better support for removing algebraic loops using dependency data. New FMU blocks will use this by default. The option useDirectFeedthroughData can be used for old blocks.
  • Unconnected inputs of FMU blocks now behave as if the Ground block was connected to it, meaning that the input will be a zero value.


    • Support for FMU Model Exchange export from Simulink with Global (tunable) parameters.
    • Added full support for MATLAB 2015b.
    • Exported FMUs of Simulink models will now have parameters with names that reflect the models structure, see Chapter Section 5.7.
    • The structured names of the inputs and outputs of exported FMUs will now always be legal FMI names (unique and with no illegal characters).
    • Fixed bug where modifying a copied FMU block with structured ports would change the original FMU block.


    • Tunable parameters are now supported for FMU Co-Simulation 2.0 export.
    • Added support for MATLAB 2015b with the exception of the targets fmu_me1.tlc and fmu_me2.tlc.
    • Added the methods getMin, getMax and getNominal to the ScarlarVariable1 class.
    • Fixed a bug causing the fmiGetXXX functions in the FMI 1.0 MEX interface to return values with wrong dimensions.
    •  Other improvements and bug fixes.


    • Support for FMU Model Exchange 2.0 export from Simulink.
    • Changed behavior for Stop Simulation blocks when exporting Co-Simulation and Model Exchange FMUs. They now cause the simulation to stop without an error (Model verification blocks still causes stops with an error).
    • Improved performance of ScalarVariable1 methods
    • Exported Co-Simulation FMUs now support variable communication points. Capability added to modelDescription.xml: canHandleVariableCommunicationTimeStep="true".
    • Fixed a bug affecting S-Functions with row vector parameters.
    • Support for loading and simulating 2.0 FMUs in MATLAB. See Chapter 8 for what is not yet implemented.
    • New methods set and get for the MATLAB interface, setValue and getValue is deprecated.
    • Added support for MATLAB 2015a.


    • Support for FMU Co-Simulation 2.0 export from Simulink.
    • FMU blocks are now inlined when loaded with 2.0 FMUs and are then supported by Simulink Coder/Real-Time workshop


    • Better handling of finding resources for exported Co-Simulation and Model Exchange FMUs.


    • Support for loading and simulating 2.0 FMUs with the FMU blocks.
    • Optimized the time for loading large FMUs into the FMU blocks.
    • Optimized the time for opening the GUI of the FMU blocks loaded with a large FMU.
    • Write simulation result to file and the Logger drop down menu in the GUI have been moved from the Advanced tab to the new Log tab.
    • Other improvements and bug fixes.


    • Support for Accelerator mode using the FMI blocks.
    • Other improvements and bug fixes.


    • Fix for a memory leak.


    • Support enumerations for Co-Simulation and Model Exchange export.
    • Unsupported data types for parameters does no longer give an error when exporting an FMU, now a warning is given and the parameter is not exposed by the FMU.
    • Exported FMUs of Simulink models with bus outputs will use the signal labels of these buses to construct structured names for the outputs in the FMU.
    • When importing FMUs in Simulink with structured names it is possible to use structured naming of the inputs/outputs. These inputs/outputs will then be buses with signal labels based on the structural naming.
    • Model verification blocks and Stop Simulation blocks now causes exported Co-Simulation and Model Exchange FMUs to stop the simulation when these are triggered.


    • Sample and offset time for the Co-Simulation block can be set to symbols that are evaluated by Simulink at simulation time.
    • Support for FMU Co-Simulation export from Simulink with Global (tunable) parameters.
    • Other improvements and bug fixes.


    • FMU's shared library (e.g. DLL) can now be utilized in Simulink Coder target builds.
    • New script functions are added to support full control of the FMU blocks.
    • Added new functionality in the MATLAB classes, e.g. getModelVariables now supports filtering on variable names.


    • MATLAB interface now has an improved API. To get Alias base, units, displayUnits and multiple values are now supported.
    • MATLAB interface now provides the functionality to forward log messages from FMU to a user provided log listener in MATLAB.
    • MATLAB interface now has native and effective support for arrays of variables.


    • Simulink blocks from FMI Toolbox support dSPACE´s rti1006.tlc target.
    • New FMU block script function added fmuResetAllValuesSimulink. It resets all parameter and start values.
    • New FMU block script function added fmuResetValueSimulink. It resets one or multiple parameter and start values.
    • New FMU block script function added fmuReloadFMUSimulink. It reloads an FMU block.
    • New FMU block script function added fmuLoadFMUSimulink. It loads an FMU block with an FMU file.
    • FMU Model Exchange export target, fmu_me1, now supports linkage of existing S-function object files.



    • Support for FMU Co-Simulation 1.0 export from Simulink.
    • Simulink blocks are now supported by Simulink Coder.
    • Mask parameters can now be used to set start values.
    • Improved handling of the FMU blocks in a Simulink library.
    • If the FMU block is located in a library (other than itself) the relative path options is now relative to this library.
    • Many other improvements and bug fixes





    • FMU export can now generate FMUs containing non-inlined S-functions (e.g. DLL only).
    • Improved direct dependency analysis in the FMU export.
    • FMU import supports vector input ports.
    • FMU import supports tool based Co-Simulation FMUs. 


    • Support for static and dynamic analysis of FMUs through design-of-experiments (DoE). 
    • General toolbox updates for better integration in MATLAB.
    • New Windows installer for both 32- and 64-bit MATLAB.
    • New Linux package for both 32- and 64-bit MATLAB.
    • Unattended installation/uninstallation procedures are now supported