Electric Power Library

Electric Power Library is a Modelica model library for efficient modeling, simulation and analysis of electric power systems, including AC three phase systems, AC one phase systems, and DC systems. The models can be used in both steady state and transient mode for simulation and initialization.

Electric Power Library components provide standardized interfaces to thermal and mechanical domains, and are straightforward to combine with other libraries to represent electric power and actuation. Applications include e-mobility, electric power plants, cooling, and more. The library is also well suited for control design and supports different reference frame representations

Electric Power Library Release Information

Current version: 2.0
Available for: Dymola 2014
Modelica Standard Library Version: 3.2


  • First available release, based on the predecessor SPOT
  • Support for DC, AC one and three phase systems
  • Efficient representation of the electrical dynamics makes the library especially suitable for large power systems, and multi-domain applications