Important Information for Dymola® Customers who use Modelon Libraries


Quick facts

  • Modelon provides, and will continue to provide, world-leading industry libraries for Modelica-compliant platforms, including Dymola® and 3DEXPERIENCE®
  • Modelon recommends that Dymola® library customers transition contracts directly to Modelon (or to Modelon resellers), to ensure users continue to receive library upgrades and support
  • Our team is ready to help make your transition seamless, contact us any time at:

What's new?

To continue receiving new versions of Modelon Libraries, we strongly suggest customers transition their contracts directly to Modelon or to an approved Modelon reseller.1

What happens next?

By transitioning your library contracts, you will continue to receive the product capabilities and platform compatibility you have today. In addition, you will receive expert support directly from Modelon (or Modelon-approved resellers). 

Your options depend on your current library provider. See the diagram and sections below to determine if any action is recommended. We are ready to help. 

I currently buy Modelon Libraries from Modelon

Nothing changes.  

I currently buy Modelon Libraries from a Dassault Systèmes Value Added Reseller (VAR)

We suggest you contact your VAR immediately to ask for their feedback. If your VAR is not able to resell Modelon Libraries, please contact us to discuss, we will gladly support you directly. 

I currently buy Modelon Libraries directly from Dassault Systèmes

Please contact us to discuss options. You can reach our dedicated transition team at: 

What about pricing and deliverables, will these stay the same?


Modelon is committed to making your transition seamless. Clients that move existing contracts directly to Modelon will see no changes to pricing and deliverables.

Your benefits

Customers who purchase directly from Modelon receive these benefits:

  • Direct access to our team of library and Modelica experts
  • Immediate library updates upon release
  • Libraries may be used on a growing list of supported Modelica platforms including Dymola®, 3DEXPERIENCE®, ANSYS® Simplorer®, Ricardo IGNITE, MapleSim®, and others.

Questions? Get in touch!

Contact us via our dedicated transition team at

Alternatively you can fill in the form below.

About Modelon Libraries

Modelon is committed to delivering modeling and simulation solutions based on open standards. We develop Modelica libraries for efficient model based design that work on Modelica compatible tools from major vendors. 

February 2017

1  The following Modelon Libraries are affected: Air Conditioning Library, Electric Power Library, Engine Dynamics Library, Fuel Cell Library, Heat Exchanger Library, Hydraulics Library, Hydro Power Library, Liquid Cooling Library, Pneumatics Library, Thermal Power Library, Vapor Cycle Library, Vehicle Dynamics Library. 

Dymola® and 3DEXPERIENCE® are registered trademarks of Dassault Systèmes. 
ANSYS® and Simplorer® are registered trademarks of ANSYS, Inc. 
MapleSim® is a registered trademark of Waterloo Maple Inc.