by Christian Andersson

Co-simulation using the open-source Python package PyFMI

Stable simulations of coupled dynamic systems constructed using models from different FMI-compatible tools

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by Adina Tunér & Jim Claesson

Hydraulics Library video demo

Watch 7 minute example on the water hammer effect!

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by Jens Pålsson

Modelon supports the development of CO2-removal process

Modelica modeling & simulation for improved & greener fossil fuel power plant operation

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by Jonas Malmqvist

Cross Tidal Kites

Ocean energy tamed by Modelon

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by Jonas Funkquist, Per-Ola Larsson, Stéphane Velut

New solution for thermal power plant start-up optimization

Increased flexibility for power plants energy production

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by Jim Claesson

Meet Pneumatics Library 2.0!

Pneumatics 2.0 adds thermal effects, real gases models, and FMI-integration example

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by John Batteh

Dymola Tips and Tricks (VI)

A flexible approach for loading and managing time-series data

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by Hubertus Tummescheit

Integrating executable requirements to accelerate design iterations

Embedding requirements with Modelica models

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by Pieter Dermont

<a href="jp///energy-cogeneration-with-modelica-libraries/">Energy Cogeneration with Modelica Libraries </a>

Automotive application in waste heat recovery systems

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by Johan Ylikiiskilä

<a href="jp///regression-testing-as-an-enabler-for-excellence-in-model-development/">Regression testing as an enabler for excellence in model development </a>

On model testing, use cases and framework requirements

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