by Soheil Bashirinia and Thomas Fickenscher

Trip Report: Modelon at VECS 2018

On April 12th-13th, Modelon attended the Vehicle Electronics and Connected Services Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, to discuss this year's theme "Autonomous, Electrified and Connected". Our experts were on-hand to discuss our vehicle and electrification capabilities. Didn't attend the conference? Here's what you missed from us....

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by Adina Tunér

FMI to facilitate virtual development in industrial automation

FMU based workflows tested in control design for B&R Automation

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by John Batteh

Report from NAMUG meeting - September 2016

Leveraging Modelica for simulation platforms and end users toolchains

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by Johan Windahl

Bringing Modelica to the process industry

Engineers in the process industry now have new tools to help understand, analyze, and optimize their systems and specific applications.

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by Per Ola Larsson

Optimizing your system to find the limits of performance with Modelica

Simulations should show not only what a system does, but what it could do.

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by Rui Gao

Less is more: MBSE for unified model representation in simulation

Unified model representation enhances knowledge-capture efficiency across multiple disciplines


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by John Batteh

Happy automation for developers and users: Modelica modeling and FMI Add-in for Excel

Newly-developed automation with FMI Add-in for Excel streamlines the process of going from Modelica to a simulator in Excel.

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by Johan Åkesson

Simulation in a heterogeneous world

How the Functional Mock-up Interface enables greater understanding of system behavior early in the design cycle

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by Johan Andreasson

When fast isn't fast enough

How deployment is one of the key success factors

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by Michael Sielemann

Steady state: The next big thing?

How to use Modelica for steady-state applications.

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