Hydraulics Library video demo

Watch 7 minute example on the water hammer effect!

For those of you new to the Hydraulics Library, we thought of giving you a brief feeling for its usage.

And for the Modelica connoisseurs out there, this is perhaps a reminder of the easy-to-build & easy-to-use Modelica & Dymola models supporting your systems development and optimization efforts. 

We selected for this demo a simple example: modeling and simulating the water-hammer effect

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Water-hammer is the common term for the high and repetitive pressure peaks in a pipe filled with liquid, before a valve, when the valve is suddenly closed. The characteristic banging sound and vibrations give the name to the phenomenon.

Now, even if you are not a mechanical engineer, you have for sure experienced this at some time in your life. Remember the banging noise in the water line of your washing machine? Probably this is what happened!

And if you are an engineer, especially one in fluid applications design, you may be interested in this short demo, because it illustrates:

  • The Hydraulics Library components (from pipes, and tanks and valves to available complex applications)
  • How you build your system in Dymola, with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • How you set up the parameters
  • How you run, plot and interpret the results
  • How you change the design, to improve your systems performance.

Simply fill in your data below and watch this demo now.

And drop us a line to let us know if this example was useful for you, or whatever else would you like to see demonstrated!

Adina Tunér is a Marketing Communications Manager at Modelon. With a keen interest in writing, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Romania, another one from Sweden, and with 17 years of engine research in her rucksack, Adina settled lately for the challenges of melting together innovative technologies with business and communication.

Jim Claesson  has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University. Jim is a modelling and simulation consultant at Modelon, engaged with both thermofluid and mechanical systems. He is also the project manager for the development and support of two Modelica Libraries: Hydraulics and Pneumatics. In his free time Jim competes in road racing with motorcycles among the top riders in Sweden.

by Adina Tunér & Jim Claesson