by Abhilash Kumar Nair and Johan Ylikiiskila

Using Automation to Meet and Exceed Quality Standards in Modeling and Simulation

Bugs in model code that make it into production can take significant effort to uncover and fix. Learn how the advanced automated testing capabilities of Modelon’s Model Testing Toolkit can help catch bugs earlier in the development phase and ensure optimal model quality.

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by Ivar Torstensson

Advancing Your Vehicle's Energy Efficient Design

Vehicle manufacturers have begun transitioning their focus from creating fuel efficient vehicles to creating energy efficient vehicles. The use of advanced simulation tools and libraries, like Modelon’s Vehicle Dynamics Library, has enabled systems engineers to ensure efficient scenario tests, repeatable evaluations, and accurate results.


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by Soheil Bashirinia and Thomas Fickenscher

Trip Report: Modelon at VECS 2018

On April 12th-13th, Modelon attended the Vehicle Electronics and Connected Services Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, to discuss this year's theme "Autonomous, Electrified and Connected". Our experts were on-hand to discuss our vehicle and electrification capabilities. Didn't attend the conference? Here's what you missed from us....

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by Maria Henningsson

Understanding the FMI Flavors: CS v. ME

The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard supports two flavors of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs), including: Co-Simulation (CS) and Model Exchange (ME). But, do you know the difference?

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by Jim Claesson and Nithish Selvan

Modelon Hydraulics Library Upgrades Thermohydraulic System Handling

The Modelon Hydraulics Library introduces improved handling of thermodynamic effects by including a new concept of flexible thermohydraulic ports.

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by Michael Sielemann

Designing and developing advanced aircraft escape systems for fighter pilots

In a recent project, Modelon worked with a military aircraft manufacturer on escape systems, specifically the pilot ejector seat, that would propel a pilot's seat out of an aircraft using a rocket motor.

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by Stefanía Ósk Gardarsdóttir

Integrated CO2 Absorption Process in a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Global governments are implementing greenhouse gas policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Knowing this, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, has utilized Modelon libraries to develop a dynamic model of a CO2 absorption process, integrated in a coal-fired power plant.

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by Christian Winther

Extracting Library Statistics using OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit API

This blog introduces the OPTIMICA API – along with its purpose, functionality, and highlights how it can be used to compute library statistics.

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by Maria Henningsson

Meet FMI's New Companion Standard, SSP

This blog post is relevant for those who are familiar with the Functional Mock-up Interface and are interested in learning about the emerging companion standard, System Structure Parameterization (SSP).

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by Katrin Prölss and John Batteh

Integrating Thermal Management Systems for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles require a tighter integration of the thermal management system with the cabin air conditioning. This is a perfect application for a Modelica-based multi-domain 1D system simulation.

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