Published: 2014-05-07 02:05   Updated: 2014-08-19 05:08

Vehicle Dynamics 1.9 comes with support for Delft-Tyre and Standard Tyre Interface tire models


The Vehicle Dynamics Library has recently been extended to include support of the industry standard Delft-Tyre product line of TNO, which includes MF-Tyre® and MF-Swift® tire force models.  MF-Tyre is the Delft-Tyre standard implementation of the renowned Pacejka Magic Formula, with validated steady-state and transient behavior up to 8Hz, making it the ideal tire model for handling and control prototyping analyses. 

The Delft-Tyre wheel model fully supports our Vehicle Dynamics Library’s built-in ground models, TNO road property files, and OpenCRG road descriptions. Check out more details on our Modelica Delft-Tyre Interface.

The Standard Tyre Interface (STI) was developed in 1997 by the TYDEX workshop to define a standard interface between vehicle, tire and road models. This standardized interface makes it possible to switch between different tire models without the need to modify the vehicle or road models. By supporting the STI, our Vehicle Dynamics Library enables you now to quickly add 3rd party tire models that adhere to this standardized interface. For full details follow the extended Release Notes.


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